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Landrigan_Karen_Soaring_acrylic-1   Born in Newfoundland, Canada in 1961, Karen received a Diploma in Visual Communications in 1986, and in 2010 received a Bachelor of Design, Visual Communications Design from the Alberta College of Art + Design. Karen is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists. “I’ve dealt with […]

Landrigan, Karen

PROFILE FOTO Koerie is a Belgian artist, currently living and working in Houston.  In his work he explores a youthful sense of imagination.  This results in fun paintings full of colors and positive energy.  An immaculate product of meticulous attention to stroke and border, his palette is strengthened by his […]

Seghers, Koenraad

static1.squarespace I’m a contemporary southern artist working with acrylic. My style tends to lie somewhere between impressionism and abstract. The subjects in most of my pieces are figurative and have some reference to historical societies. I tend to play with texture and bright colors. I am really drawn to […]

Perez, Hugo

Headshot Jajah is a Houston-based artist that currently works out of a studio on the Project Row Houses campus. His practice draws from illustrative line work and mural painting as an investigation of negative space. The influence of wall painting is present in Jajah’s broad sweeping gestures and continuous layering […]

Gray, Joshua

me I was born in New York I started drawing at the age of 4. Throughout the years I was always drawing realistic, cartoons, Graffiti, and pretty much anywhere my art would take me. I dedicated to myself to make art my career going into college to be a […]

Scott, Mark

Block_Molly_headshot smaller My focus in photographing vintage signs stems from my appreciation for each sign’s uniqueness and the craftsmanship involved in making each sign: each sign truly is a work of art. Also, the fact that weathering changes the appearance of signs, combined with property owners and/or real-estate developers who may not […]

Block, Molly