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kwblack I am inspired by Primitive Figures of the past and find they resonate with something in me as if they reach across time and speak to the unconscious in each of us.    Dolls, totems, drawings, masks and carvings each tell their own story, but also tell the […]

Warren, Kemberly

rsh Award-winning artist/illiustrator/author/muralist who capture images, dreams and memories of Texas, the south and beyond. Working in watercolor, acrylic, pastel, pencil and pen & ink. VAA assumes no responsibility for the content of this artist's webpage. The artist is completely responsible for the image quality and text. This information is […]

Hall, Richard

Profile While I have always been “the one with the camera”, I did not start “making” images until 2009. During extended travel away from my family, I began teaching myself photography by scouring the internet, studying books, attending seminars, and taking many, many photos.   I am trained in […]

Zunker, Dee

ruth I grew up in Nova scotia where I had the urge to create, but not the funds to buy supplies.  I am primarily a self taught artist other than attending a few workshops and observing other artists. I work in both oils and acrylics and also do some works […]

Meaders, Ruth

willliam-gerrish1 I am a multidisciplinary artist. In my work, I am telling stories and capturing memories using found objects. These “recollections” are composed of raw materials and once abandoned personal effects. Aged color and trace impressions on the surfaces reveal truths created by nature and the hands of those […]

Gerrish, William

selfie DEEP TIME is a term used by geologists to indicate historical perspectives much older than those of human existence. My introduction to deep time came when I unexpectedly found both an arrowhead and fossilized coral as a boy in Minnesota. This life-changing discovery began my exploration of deep […]

Hagen, Erik