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PORTRAIT SHALA   Akin to the proverbial cat, Shala’s life as an artist is the seventh of a succession to none similar. She obtained, in Oklahoma University then UCLA, degrees in Mathematics, Science, Cardiopulmonary, and International Relations, and then graduated in Art from University of La Sorbonne in Paris. With […]

De David, Shala

LeslieMGuzman_Headshot2016(1) Artist Leslie M. Guzmán was born in picturesque Guatemala, she lives and works in Houston, TX. Self-taught & lover of photography, she has been photographing the world since a young age, never without camera in hand. Her love for art began with photography, which later transferred into other disciplines […]

Guzmán, Leslie M.

Palmer_Annette_Me,MyselfandI_acrylic I’m originally from Scotland and it all began when I was a little girl, my Dad, who was an architect, used to let me carefully colour in parts of the plans he used to draw.    After many years of loving all things creative I graduated from Edinburgh […]

Palmer, Annette

12208749_469994313172156_7545429230967749382_n My name is Aline Orge, and I am from Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. I was born and raised in Ipanema, a neighbohood along the sea. In 2001 I moved to the USA and have been living here ever since. The world of fashion, interior design, and arts […]

Orge-Ortiz, Aline

image I was born in Guadalajara Mexico, studied Civil Engeniering and after that started taking Art classes with the Master Ramiro Torreblanca, former student of Frida Kahlo and Diego de Rivera, then traveled to Paris France to continue my Art studies, Montreal Canada and years later came to Texas. […]

Banuelos, Rodolfo

922736_10200142089223397_249655949_n collaged liz   Liz started her serious art training at the Los Angeles Art Center School at age 17. She studied advertising design and illustration. She enjoyed the experience, but always wished to do more unstructured creative pieces. During the 70’s she was a busy mother and wife, with an […]

Hill, Liz