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11701169_10204244303093251_657239265189962252_n I have been making art most of my lifei one form or another and still find myself passionately exploring the visual world through the colored lens of my own experience.  I earned a BFA in painting at The University of Houston in 1996 and continue to enjoy working in […]

Tracy, Stacy

Willliam Gerrish I am a multidisciplinary artist. In my work, I am telling stories and capturing memories using found objects. These “recollections” are composed of raw materials and once abandoned personal effects. Aged color and trace impressions on the surfaces reveal truths created by nature and the hands of those […]

Gerrish, William

IMG_20151025_120803 Born and raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and (at age 11) Houston, Texas. Returning to Houston (via Philadelphia, NW Indiana and Branson, Missouri) in June 2013, “I’m here to make art.” Barkovich earned her B.F.A. cum laude from the University of Houston (with a concentration in printmaking) in […]

Barkovich, J.M.M.

Red Frog Island Not long after graduation I joined the Army and was commissioned as an Officer. In 2007, I deployed to Iraq. During my almost nine years in service, I’ve encountered combat and struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which has significantly influenced my work and permanently impacted my life. […]

Branch, Erica

Head shot 1 Art follows me. I see sculpture in soap boxes, I see the fragility of stained glass in relationships and I see attitudes shaped in plaster. Through these mediums, my work depicts both sight and insight. I work with what I have, and what I have…works with me. Technology […]

Swiech, L. J.

1465360_10152104808029468_1512330392_n I paint in acrylic on canvas to create abstract realist landscapes and portraits. Sometimes, I use sable haired brushes, at others – palette knives. My work is inspired from own travels and living abroad for the majority of life. I have borrowed colors from Latin America, forms from […]

Basu, Saptaswa