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48502 I am a self taught artist / photographer from Houston, Tx. I like to work using many different mediums and techniques.  I create paintings, illustrations, conceptual and experimental works, and digital art. In my photography, I like to capture nature, macro, night, and abstract shots.  However, as with […]

Magouirk, Heather

my picture As an abstract painter, I’m drawn to convey an experience with the natural environment through imagery and color. I developed my love of nature from growing up next to fields and woods; going on bird hikes and floating/camping trips with my family. My goal is to communicate nature’s life-enhancing […]

Simpson, Susan

Dion_McInnis_ECI “A photographer since six, a writer since 12 and a poet since birth” is how I describe who I truly am.  Those forms of expression and influences transcend everything that I do. I’ve taught (or currently teach) and/or presented at Houston Center for Photography, Jung Center of Houston, […]

McInnis, Dion

11701169_10204244303093251_657239265189962252_n I have been making art most of my lifei one form or another and still find myself passionately exploring the visual world through the colored lens of my own experience.  I earned a BFA in painting at The University of Houston in 1996 and continue to enjoy working in […]

Tracy, Stacy

Willliam Gerrish I am a multidisciplinary artist. In my work, I am telling stories and capturing memories using found objects. These “recollections” are composed of raw materials and once abandoned personal effects. Aged color and trace impressions on the surfaces reveal truths created by nature and the hands of those […]

Gerrish, William

IMG_20151025_120803 Born and raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and (at age 11) Houston, Texas. Returning to Houston (via Philadelphia, NW Indiana and Branson, Missouri) in June 2013, “I’m here to make art.” Barkovich earned her B.F.A. cum laude from the University of Houston (with a concentration in printmaking) in […]

Barkovich, J.M.M.