Horvath, Michael

I joined VAA to broaden my artist horizons and to expand my connections within the art community.

Syler, Gerald

I recently joined the Visual Arts Alliance so my experience is limited, but I have heard nothing but good things about the organization. I’m most interested in the exhibition opportunities, the exposure to jurors, and the programs and events. Volunteering will also allow me to meet the other artists and individuals in the organization which can only prove to be helpful.

Dyer, Veronica

The VAA has a group of talented artists with which I wish to interact. I chose to become a member of VAA, because I felt it would offer a chance to increase my professional connections with other Artists of the Houston’s area.

Crump, Terry

I’ve been a member of VAA off and on for many years. For the past few, I have been totally immersed as a muralist and have put fine art painting on the back burner. With the desire to retire from the mural business, I’ve rejoined VAA in the hopes of renewing old acquaintances and reinvigorating my fine art career.

Sivov, Alexandra

Being a recent member of the Visual Arts Alliance, I was really impressed by its welcoming group, and its talented artists but also by the rich program this organization provides. I am looking forward to having a wonderful heartening year with VAA!

Sprecher, Lou

I joined Visual arts Alliance after discussing, with fellow artists and gallery owners various methods to increase my exposure and gain additional insight into the work of other local artists. I believe this can be a key element in my artistic journey.


Even though I have sold many pieces and completed a few commissions, I am continuously seeking advice on style, composition, and subject matter. I look forward to meeting others within VAA and volunteering for upcoming events.

Eisele, Karen

I recently joined the VAA with the intent to become more connected to the vibrant art scene in Houston. I have already found it to be so much more! I have made connections with other artists and have even gotten some much needed help with a project. I am looking forward to meeting more of the members and attending the workshops and social events and finding the right place to volunteer my time. I’m excited to be part of a community where we can encourage each other to grow.

Forsythe, Brad

“I became a member of  VAA only recently.  Once I visited the site in order to submit work for this year’s Juried Open Exhibition, I discovered such a variety of art related activities…I knew this was an organization I wanted to join.  The local art community is so fortunate to have an organization where art classes, exhibitions and artist marketing support are available to all who are interested.  As one who is both artist and art appreciator I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful organization.”

Reis, Kelyne

I’m a “freshman” member of the VAA, and I’m very excited about being around so many talented artists. I attended one event of this great association last year, and was so amazed about the organization, and also the kindness of the members, that I decided to be part of it.

Tseng Hill, Sherry

I joined VAA because it is a nurturing artistic community.

Even though I have been making art all my life, I had not focused on art as a more serious career endeavor until just a couple of years ago.  Now that I have decided to take my art to a different level, I want to be more connected with other artists and learn from their experiences. VAA, I feel, will not only provide me with a nurturing environment, but will also provide me with a platform to launch a new art career.

Perkins, Donna

VAA has deep roots in the Houston arts community and a new energy which is embracing the current art scene. I found it a welcoming group years ago when I had a full time job, lived outside Houston’s city limits and struggled to create my art in stolen moments. Now that I’m spending all my time and energies on art related matters, I am enjoying email blasts and the website which keeps me connected to other artists and informed about local art events. The field trips to artists’ studios have been profoundly meaningful to me.

Villarreal, Donna

My journey as an artist has been enriched by my membership in the Visual Arts Alliance. This outstanding organization has presented me the opportunity to benefit from professional programs and unique volunteer opportunities. As a member and Past Exhibition Chair, I have shared with others artists their expansive visions of our common creative journey of discovery. My artistic endeavors have been enhanced and broadened by my involvement. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to share in the continuing success of the Visual Arts Alliance.

Adams, Matt

I joined VAA in 2006 and, as a photographer, was happy to find the company of artists from all media that are interested in artistic growth. I began to attend the monthly educational meetings and began volunteering. I was handed the task of finding exhibition venues and professional jurors. This allowed me to get familiar with that segment of the art community which is sometimes a mystery to most artists. Through those projects, I now consider Clint Willour, Jean Caslin, Diane Griffin, Sally Sprout, Keith Carter, Wayne Gilbert, Brian Portman and others friends of mine. Further, because of my relationship with Brookfield Properties (owners of Allen Center, Continental Plaza, Total Plaza, Heritage Plaza), I was offered the opportunity to curate the gallery within the Total Plaza building.

Honovich, Jane

The best part of being in VAA for me has been my volunteer job as Program Chairman. I have been amazed at the willingness of artist, collectors, and gallery owners to have tours, studio visits, demonstrations and talks. This has rewarded me with new artist’s friends and colleagues in the Houston Art community. It has been so much fun.

Reed, Michael

Every once in a while, a person will encounter an opportunity, and not realize the full extent of it. Spring of 2011, I joined the Visual Arts Alliance with totally no idea of what, if any benefits that I would derive from. At every meeting that I have attended, I have left with an idea that I have incorporated in my work. The members that I have met have not only been serious about their work, but more importantly sharing and supportive at all levels. I would sincerely and strongly recommend that membership in the Visual Arts Alliance will return four times what ever effort that is invested. This is one of those rare encounters where “you get a lot more than you paid for”.

Lesser, Rona

I joined VAA in order to enter the shows initially.  I have been in several fall membership shows.  However my membership has brought me more than just the chance to show my work.  I have met many interesting artists.  I especially enjoy the chance to visit other artist’s studios and meetings where we share our work.  Seeing other artists work helps inspire me to continue my artistic journey.

Verani, Regina

I have been a VAA member for 1 year. I heard about VAA from a friend artist. As a member, I have been enjoying the VAA great programs and the opportunity to make connections with other artists.

Dasgupta, Piyali

Visual Arts Alliance has impacted my artistic career in a major way.  There is a wonderful scope for new and experienced artists.  The annual and membership juried shows are great to participate in.

Binford, Nancy

I joined VAA in order to a have a connection with other artists, and to be involved in exhibiting my art work.   Through VAA I have been informed on a monthly if not weekly basis about up coming events such as; art shows , galleries and competitions.   There are many more events going on in Houston and surrounding areas that, I know of no other place to receive this information than through the VAA newsletter emails.

I am having an art show at Canal Street Gallery because of the art show the VAA had in May of 2011. My painting “The Green Bell” was seen by some members of Canal Street Gallery, they liked the work enough to invite me to become a member of the Gallery and now I will have a solo show of my work this September 10th.

The more opportunities an artist has to showcase his/her work the more chances he/she has to  be seen.   So anytime an artist has the chance to belong to a group such as VAA do so.  It can l help you with your goals.

Lucas, MaryAnn

In my experience Visual Art Alliance is an art organization that promotes the growth of an artist in many ways. I speak as a past president, program, publicity and refreshment chairman. Their programs are unique and informative – and their exhibitions challenging and  professional.  Becoming involved through volunteering for a board position or on a committee broadens your knowledge and involvement in the art world.