I joined VAA so that I could be a part of the Art Community and I look forward to making new connections and learning new things.

Branch, Erica

I have found VAA to be an excellent venue for my development as an artist. I have yet to meet a member who wasn’t supportive. Though our art differed, appreciation of the talent, craft and vision has been very forthcoming. It is an organization I am proud to be a […]

Swiech, L. J.

VAA has given me a space to express myself. I am thankful for that.

Basu, Saptaswa

“I love the community that the Visual Arts Alliance provides with other artists and their connection to the public.  The VAA creates an atmosphere to celebrate and embrace the arts.”

Ingram, Cedric

After blossoming as a painter in Venezuela, I came back home in the United States, where I initially dedicated to being my mom’s caretaker and helping out in pediatric hospitals in Houston. Energized by mum doing better and a happily growing family, I have recently started reconnecting with my art […]

De David, Shala

I joined VAA to be a part of the Houston art community. The VAA offers critiques, exhibitions and learning events.

Guzmán, Leslie M.