As soon as I joined the VAA, I was given an opportunity to volunteer as a representative. After less than a month of membership, I have already met with several Art leagues in Texas and a major Gallery dealer.  Secondly, I have begun personal contact with its many creative artists […]

Dunn, Alix

Becoming a member of VAA has been an enriching experience. The opportunity to enter the high quality VAA exhibitions offered several times a year has been valuable. In addition I have previously served on the VAA Exhibition Board and not only found the members to be welcoming but very well […]

Sevier-Vuyk, Nicci

I am new to Houston and new to the VAA and have already met several artists whom I respect through the VAA!  I have also attended an educational program on the Selection Process, featuring 2 prominent Houston Gallery owners- I found that very valuable!  The 3rd monday Peer Artist Critique […]

Ray, Ellen H

It was an honor having a piece of mine get accepted into a VAA juried show and when that happened I experienced a certain seriousness and attention to my art and my resume which I hadn’t had before.  I enjoy the educational programs and the exposure to the very active […]

Marcos, Caroline

Being part of VAA has been for me a gratifying experience. I have learned about the art organization, curatorial and exhibition process. I have been part of a fantastic group of artists, collaborative, generous, and supportive, and one of the most important benefits is for me as an artist, visibility […]

Duarte, Luisa

I appreciate the opportunity to meet other Houston Artists and see what they are working on and what inspires them.

Warren, Kemberly