Garza, Didi

Community involvement has always been an important part of my life, both as a health care professional and in the art community.  I particularly enjoy interacting with artists via studio visits and supporting organizations interested in promoting/teaching art. I am particularly interested in areas where art education and medical sciences occasionally intersect.  I welcome the opportunity to receive input from VAA artists about my own art and to offer networking opportunities to others. As a member of VAA and new Board Member with the Art Colony Association, sponsor of the Bayou City Art Festival, my art network has expanded in a beneficial way

Wood, Nancy

I was a member of Visual Arts Alliance during the1990’s when I lived in Houston. I participated in many exhibits, even won an award! Those were the days of paper newsletters and I was the VAA newsletter editor for a while.
After moving to San Antonio in 1999 I let my membership expire. My experiences with VAA were rich and memorable so recently when I decided to start exhibiting again I looked VAA up online. Wow- Visual Arts Alliance has grown into an even more exciting and dynamic arts organization. I look forward to participating as a “distance” member!

Fraser, Sally

I stumbled across a VAA announcement for a juried Show on Facebook and realized it was in Houston. I lived in Houston for 18 years and return to see friends frequently. I realized I could, by joining VAA, make it a twofold visit by entering juried shows and see my friends that support my art endeavors. As an active Austin artist, an active Wimberley artist also, I decided to become more active in the Houston art scene.

Perlaky, Laszlo

VAA President Matt Adams talked about Visual Arts Alliance one of the Pixel & Silver critique meetings and I visited VAA website, attended on the last exhibition and talked to other VAA members. I like the wide variety of programs and most importantly the possibility to show my work and get helpful critique on the meetings. I wish to participate on juried VAA exhibitions and would like to interact with art curators, gallery owners, and artists of different visual media.  I wish to learn more about promoting art activities and I think VAA is a good forum for this.

Rueda, Hilda

By joining VAA, I, as an active full time artist intend to participate, contribute and become involved in artistic endeavors that will make easier for the public to gain access not only to my work but those of other artists.  I intend to be enriched by the experiences and knowledge of the VAA artists and by their interactions.  I intend to share my art and art knowledge whenever and with whomever is interested in it.

Wright, Janice

am an artist that has just recently moved to Houston. I am hoping that my membership with VAA will help me connect and network with others who share a passion for making art, help me locate the resources and suppliers needed to develop my work and lastly, provide opportunities within and outside of VAA to exhibit and sell my work.

Sanborn, Diane

I feel excited and privileged to be a member of the Visual Arts Alliance. Recently one of my works was chosen for the 31st Juried Exhibit at Three Allen Center, juried by Clint Willour.  Even though I reside in Phoenix, I want to contribute in any way I can to this quality and energetic arts organization.  I look forward to many more exhibits!

Heilman, Al

​I learned of VAA while taking classes at Glassel.  I am new to the memebership but the events I have been to have been fun and a great learning experience​.  I look forward to having a piece in the upcoming vaa show and becoming more involved in the functions.  I am the 2014 president   of the Conroe Art League and look forward to working together with VAA.

Melgar, Monica

“From the very first time I met Matt Adams at White Linen Night I knew I was in good company with VAA. With all the events that are held monthly, there’s always a way to learn and grow as an artist.  What I’ve enjoyed the most since becoming a member are the wonderful people in the group. Many members have inspired me with their stories, positive energy, and support. I feel honored to be part of such a vital organization in the Houston art scene”.

Glickman, Marsha

VAA has given me the opportunity to collaborate with other artists, show and sell my art in new venues as well as learn new information to expand my art practice. Being a member of the VAA is a must for the serious artist living in Houston.

Morales, Lorena

I’ve been a VAA member for many years, collaborating as volunteer and being a close witness of the amazing grow of this exceptional non-profit organization. I feel proud of being able to support our art community through all the activities and exhibitions VAA offers.

Durbin, Donna

I met Matt Adams at a Christmas party in 2012 after returning to Houston from living abroad in Thailand for two years. His enthusiasm for VAA was infectious. He had so many ideas about promoting the organization and creating opportunities for artists to exhibit in Houston.

After being out of town, I began to re-introducing myself to new people in the arts community and get involved. VAA provides exhibitions opportunities, critiques, gallery visits and

Swiech, Lj

I have found VAA to be an excellent venue for my development as an artist. I have yet to meet a member who wasn’t supportive. Though our art differed, appreciation of the talent, craft and vision has been very forthcoming. It is an organization I am proud to be a part of.

Dekan, Judy

I have been a member of VAA for a couple of years. It is very rewarding to be around so many talented artists. They have been helpful and inspiring.

VAA has so many programs and exhibits in which to participate. There is always something new going on and I have learned a lot from being in this organization.

Achrysalis, Amy

I joined VAA in 2013 when I submitted work to the VAA 30th Juried Open Exhibition – and won 2nd place!  Since then, the gentleman who purchased my painting at the show has become a repeat collector of my work. VAA is an important Houston arts organization that really supports the local art community with informative and creative educational programs and professionally juried exhibitions in wonderful spaces.

Herschbach, Tim

I look forward to expanding my opportunities for showing my work in the Houston area, and broadening my network.

Zider, Jo

The Visual Arts Alliance has, for many years, promoted the art of hundreds of artists by providing a format and venue for public exposure through which each artist is able to measure their achievement. Every effort is made is assist the novice in ways to improve and for the accomplished artist, an opportunity to explore a new direction, to experiment in a new media, to feel secure within the group and measured by the critical eye of the juror.

Hines, Jimmy

I first heard about the Visual Arts Alliance while in a hardware store. I was buying materials to build a frame for my work and a VAA member was right along side of me doing the same thing. We struck up a conversation and after asking what galleries were looking for work, she told me one of the best resources for getting my art exhibited was the VAA. Indeed, she was spot on with her suggestion. After joining last year, I have already utilized their group critiques for feedback and plan on submitting work for their next Juried Invitational Exhibit.

McDonald, Penny

I joined VAA because I feel that it will help me grow as an artist. I look forward to being more involved in the Houston art community and learning what it takes to become the best artist I can be.

Koutroulis, Julia

VAA is such a vibrant, active community of artists.  Just joining VAA wasn’t enough so I jumped right in and volunteered to be on a committee.  Through my association with VAA, I believe doors will open that I never knew existed.