I’m looking forward to being a member.

Brown, Jim

joining VAA increased my exposure in art world and extended my vision and interest in different forms of arts.

Chen, Kim T.

Being part of VAA is an opportunity to participate of an active and high quality art community in Houston.

Vassallo, Chell

I have joined the VAA to establish a network of local artists and to participate in educational activities. Exhibition volunteering has been an activity which has provided insight into the submission process as well as an understanding of selection criteria.

Smith, Candis

Joining VAA has been a fantastic learning experience for me. Working with the exhibitions committee, joining the Business Practices class, and participating in the monthly critiques have helped me grow as an art professional. I also really like the camaraderie and support from fellow artists.

Drago, Kathy

What a great organization for area artists. I’m thrilled to be a new member and look forward to being a part of this community.

Fisher, Steve