The VAA’s educational workshops have been highly informative and beneficial for me.

Simpson, Susan

I joined VAA because I am starving. ¬†And thirsty. I have taught photography for decades and created for half a century, but I am hungry and thirsty for the energy and synchronicity that comes with engaged conversation with other artists when I am not in the front of the room. […]

McInnis, Dion

I joined VAA because I hope to get more exposure and continue to grow in my own art through interaction with other artists.

Tracy, Stacy

I am inspired in the company of other artists. Being a member of VAA will widen my perspective and allow me to explore places I might not consider on my own.

Gerrish, William

I was prompted to join the Visual Arts Alliance (VAA) through my friendship with Julia Koutroulis, and am I am thrilled to be a member of this exceptional organization. The events VAA ¬†hosts are informative and provide a welcoming learning atmosphere for all in attendance. Membership in VAA compels me […]

Barkovich, J.M.M.

I joined VAA so that I could be a part of the Art Community and I look forward to making new connections and learning new things.

Branch, Erica