Herschbach, Tim

I look forward to expanding my opportunities for showing my work in the Houston area, and broadening my network.

Zider, Jo

The Visual Arts Alliance has, for many years, promoted the art of hundreds of artists by providing a format and venue for public exposure through which each artist is able to measure their achievement. Every effort is made is assist the novice in ways to improve and for the accomplished artist, an opportunity to explore a new direction, to experiment in a new media, to feel secure within the group and measured by the critical eye of the juror.

Hines, Jimmy

I first heard about the Visual Arts Alliance while in a hardware store. I was buying materials to build a frame for my work and a VAA member was right along side of me doing the same thing. We struck up a conversation and after asking what galleries were looking for work, she told me one of the best resources for getting my art exhibited was the VAA. Indeed, she was spot on with her suggestion. After joining last year, I have already utilized their group critiques for feedback and plan on submitting work for their next Juried Invitational Exhibit.

McDonald, Penny

I joined VAA because I feel that it will help me grow as an artist. I look forward to being more involved in the Houston art community and learning what it takes to become the best artist I can be.

Koutroulis, Julia

VAA is such a vibrant, active community of artists.  Just joining VAA wasn’t enough so I jumped right in and volunteered to be on a committee.  Through my association with VAA, I believe doors will open that I never knew existed.

Hall, Brett

When I first learned of the Visual arts Alliance, I was curious. After a tour of the website I was excited.

The activities, programs and the quality of the member’s art were impressive. I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet and interact with other artists, make connections and learn from demonstrations, talks and tours.  The exhibits are in great settings with tremendous exposure and a diverse collection of talent.

Allen, Homer

I joined VAA in 2011 in order to get connected to other artists in Houston. Because of the VAA, I have made new friends; made connections with galleries; learned new things in the educational programs; and now I am on the Board of Directors for the organization.

I am excited about the organization and looking forward to continuing my involvement and participation in the VAA.

Worley, Sharon

I decided to join VAA for the exposure and news about arts events and artist opportunities in Houston. I am confident that joining will improve my contacts and sales. I look forward participating in Houston area exhibitions.

Strause-Godejord, Inga

I learned about VAA from my fellow artists, and I knew immediately that I want to be  part of this diverse and vivid community.
VAA gives me access to creative development and opportunities for networking.
It’s a wonderful place for people interested in arts.

Ewen, Jane

I love the VAA people. The artists are open, encouraging and helpful. Understanding the purpose of VAA eliminates the destructive competitive nature I have found in some other groups. We are each here to see us all succeed, understanding that the quality of the whole, speaks volumes

Powell, Lisa

I learned of VAA through a fellow artist who is also from our area..I was inspired to become a member after reading and  hearing about all of the positive benefits of being in this group..I look forward to networking with the other members in this group!