Long, ChunYi

I heard lots of good things about the VAA from my friend who works in the building of 1600 Smith St. If I can be the member of VAA, then I can join the group of the people who love art to share and exchange of my are work with them. Also if I can be the member of VAA, then I have the opportunities to attend the exhibitions of VAA to display and sell my art work to the people who like my art.

Smith, Sally

The most helpful art book I own is Art and Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland. Their key advice for not quitting: “Make Friends with others who make art, and share your in-progress work with them frequently.”  Joining the VAA makes it possible to do just that with monthly critique sessions and volunteer opportunities.

Breitsameter, Michael

Since joining VAA I have felt an immediate sense of being welcomed to a community, a community that supports each other like a family, that provides constructive criticism from an empathic point of view.  I am very much looking forward to playing an active role, and to help wherever possible to foster the growth of art and art awareness in the community.

Guaraglia-Wheeler, Joella

By joining the Visual Arts Alliance I hope to better connect with fellow artists in the Houston area who are interested in learning from each other. Artistic simulation and inspiration can be had in many ways but there is just more life in what is gained through personal contact.


Quigley, John

As a new artist to Houston, I am so pleased to have found the VAA.  I am amazed at the regular opportunities to show my work and receive feedback.  The VAA makes it easy for me to get to know other members of the art community in Houston.

Villafaña, Marcy Ann

Thank you! I am so grateful to the VAA for accepting me into this great group of fellow artist. The caliber of the collective and to be a part of it is an honor. I am looking forward to sharing in the dynamics and meeting other professional artists, helping to promote and volunteer in any way I can.

Hart, Ellen

I am honored to be a member of VAA. I am an emerging artist and feel membership will help me tremendously to enter into the art community and get the exposure necessary to build a successful career as an artist.

I have volunteered to help with the Exhibition Reception on October 3, 2014. I am looking forward to attending and helping with this exciting event.

I feel this organization has much to offer artists in the Greater Houston Area.

Anderson, Joel

I happened upon VAA’s filer while looking through Winter Street Studios, and the offering of group critiques was exactly what I was needing at the relative beginning of my art career.

It was through the critiques that I really found my forte and my direction as an artist.  Also their promotions of calls for juried exhibitions has given me goals and, wonderfully, rewards.